Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance

Service Sheets

We have provided these Service Sheet templates to help you get started in your vehicle and plant servicing compliance or as an alternative choice if you already have something in place.

N.B. While these sheets have been put together in consultation with certified mechanics and have been accepted by NHVR auditors as compliant, you must service your vehicle in accordance with vehicle manufacturer’s standards and regulatory requirements. Please consult with these parties before adopting any of these service templates.

Forklift A

Annual Inspection

Forklift B

Sedan-Ute-Van A

Rigid/Prime Mover A

Sedan-Ute-Van B

Rigid/Prime Mover B


The following video gives a quick introduction to how these services can be set up in the TigerFleet Management software (you view this and other TigerFleet help files on our YouTube channel):