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Created by industry experts and used for over 20 years within the fleet management industry

Welcome to TigerFleet, the powerful vehicle and equipment management tool that claws total control across your information.

This application has been created by industry experts and has been in use for over 20 years within the fleet management industry.

This online tool is user friendly and enables you to manage vehicles or equipment from anywhere in the world. From private single vehicle users, to the largest global fleet operators, TigerFleet has a solution to simplify vehicle and equipment management.

We believe every business or user is unique and must be treated as an individual, yet most of the challenges of managing a fleet are very common. This application has been developed using industry best practices in terms of technology selection and feature ease of use which has been provided by industry experts.

At TigerFleet we encompass the latest technology to tackle the rapidly evolving user requirements, thus making the day-to-day tasks more automated and less time consuming. Using our system means you don’t have to concern yourself about updates and installs, your platform will simply scale as your needs grow.

With an understanding of how you manage your vehicles, equipment and employees, we can demonstrate significant administrative and operational cost saving benefits. All we need to do is cover a few key questions so that we can identify the correct solution.

Trial TigerFleet for 14 days to experience the true POWER of a complete vehicle, staff and contractor management solution.

Our Company Mission

TigerFleet is a leading fleet management and compliance tool, with over 20 years of consultative development between industry experts and a range of transport companies. Our software platform has evolved to become a market leader, which continues to grow and develop due to its associations with other specialist fleet hardware and software providers. TigerFleet values fairness and diversity within the workplace, and empowers its employees by showing respect for ideas and creativity, providing the training and tools for their development and engaging in meaningful consultation.

Our Vision

TigerFleet has risen to its current level by listening to its customers and designing the solutions they need. We are constantly researching opportunities to deliver a better, more cost-effective and increasingly seamless software solution. TigerFleet strives to provide its customers with the best software platform, with automated or a single data entry point, which then communicates with other leading operational, compliance and financial products. TigerFleet will POWER its customers into the future with a software solution that continues to be outstanding value for money, reliable and of the highest quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we get asked most frequently. If you have a different question or would like further clarification on anything please send us a message via our contact form

How secure is my data?

TigerFleet Management’s database is hosted on Microsoft Azure servers. Microsoft Azure has the largest global network servicing 55 regions and 140 countries around the world.

Each region is a set of data centres that is interconnected via a massive and resilient network. The network includes content distribution, load balancing, redundancy, and encryption by default.

Azure regions are organized into geographies, and each geography ensures that data residency, sovereignty, compliance, and resiliency requirements are honoured within geographical boundaries. Geographies are fault-tolerant to withstand complete region failure, through their connection to the dedicated, high-capacity networking infrastructure. 

If I leave TigerFleet, will I lose my data?

TigerFleet has always been and will continue to be customer-focused. Almost every table and every report are designed to be able to be exported via email or direct download to MS Excel. In this way you can transfer data between software applications, share between colleagues or store locally within your organisation.

Can I import my data from my current software?

At the moment, the only way that this can be done is by our development team. If you provide us with your current data in a spreadsheet, we can import almost anything.

Currently, users are able to import fuel and odometer records via our bulk upload tools.

We are working on new functionality to allow each user to import their own vehicle, employee and contractor data.

Hopefully this will be available in every data area by the end of 2019.

How are the tracking units installed?

This will depend on your unit. The OBD-II trackers simply plug straight into your vehicles OBD port and that’s it!

If you decide to go for the advanced telematics option, one of our friendly installers will come to you at a time that suits. A normal install usually takes 45 minutes to an hour.

Where is my vehicle's (Onbard Diagnostics) OBD-II port?

While this varies depending on the make and model of your vehicle, the OBD-II port is found within the cabin area of your vehicle, typically underneath the driver’s side dashboard area or within the fuse box.

This handy tool can help you locate it

How do I access the system?

As it is a cloud-based software, you can access TigerFleet from anywhere, at anytime.

Simply log into the system using your web browser on your phone, laptop or PC and away you go.

I have existing tracking units from a different supplier. Can I use these units with TigerFleet?

Some existing tracking units can be used with TigerFleet but this would need to be determined on a case by case basis.

We do try and encourage customers to adopt the LTE Cat-M1 (4G/5G) solution we offer to avoid any potential issues that may arise when 3G support is discontinued (in Australia this is currently slated to happen in late 2020).

Do you offer training on how to use TigerFleet?

In our Help section there is a selection of videos of the most common processes to help you get started using TigerFleet.

If you ever need that little bit of extra help, one of our friendly support staff is only a click away. Just click the icon at the bottom right corner of each screen and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Onsite training is also an option if required. Please contact us to arrange pricing and to arrange a suitable time.

How long has TigerFleet Management been around?

TigerFleet was first started in 2000 (then called FleetMaster).

The current (cloud-based) platform has been in place since 2014.

"Being a national carrier & storage facility we have found TigerFleet invaluable for data collection, control & proof of compliance. We are now able to have our various depots input their data into the same system we run at Head Office, giving me & relevant staff access to data we require at call. TigerFleet is not just a business tool to us, it is a business asset."

Tony Pedemont – Pedemont Furniture Transport

"I had tried numerous times to find a decent fleet software system, only to find them incumbent, hard to use systems which as an end result gave little back. The various TigerFleet functions make it easy to track every cost for our equipment, including all services with alerts and management of the audit process within the NHVAS."

Scott Walker – Visa Global Logistics

"From the beginning TigerFleet has impressed us with its user friendly and effective system to manage the mine field of compliance controls required when operating a Fleet. The system has enabled us to proactively approach Service Scheduling and all aspects of repairs and maintenance. "

Kate Bohr – Roadmaster

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